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How to display an image on a QtWidget

There is a simple method to insert images such as a png file using QPixmap. I personally prefer to use a QLabel to show simple images on QWidget, particularry if there is no any other fancy requirements.
Basically you can locate the QLabel anywhere on your QWidget. You will find the pixelmap option at the text option section in your Qt Creator, right below the textFormat. When you click on the Value section you’ll find a small arrow pointing down.
Simple click on it, then choose your png file.

If you just simple want to display an image to the QWidget, I found the following option works well. You just need to insert the path of the image file right after the

member function in your main parent widget, then insert the following source code.

If you know other method to display an image on a QtWidget Please, let me know by dropping a line, I can add it to this post if it is relevant and you agree to do.

Qt Creator plugins

Just reIf you just started to familiar yourself with Qt’s IDE, this is my advice. After a long time of daily usage became my favorite developing IDE, as it is covering almost every part of the work I do on a daily basis. However there are three (3rd party) plugins am always adding to my Qt Creator IDE wherever I work on-site or in the office they are very useful. Especially CppCheck but gtest and the DB viewing tool can coming handy.
Qt Creator CppCheck integration plugin
Qt Creator Google C++ Testing Framework integration plugin
Qt Creator SQL database viewer plugin

All three plugins developed by Gres

Bottom line: a good and comfortable development enviromet setup if playing a key role of utilizing your almost always limited time and result an efficient way of your daily developing work.
Valgrind (adding memory and function profiler feature to Qt Creator), sometimes preferring GDB instead of LLDB especially project on OSX.
I also use Doxygen for generating documentation from annotated C++ sources.
You can enable/disable plugins, I strongly recommend to enable this very convenient plugging, it is much more helpful compare to my previously used tool. It recognizes notes: TODO, BUG, FIXME, NOTE, HACK by default.

Very simply to use. Here is one of my projects TODO list just started.

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