How to login and connect to NordVPN on Ubuntu Server

Installing the latest NordVPN by opening the terminal, writing the command below, and following any on-screen instructions:

sh <(curl -sSf https://downloads.nordcdn.com/apps/linux/install.sh)

Note: If you do not have a curl package, evidenced by the fact that the above does not work, you can alternatively use this command:

sh <(wget -qO - https://downloads.nordcdn.com/apps/linux/install.sh)

Additionally, if you receive the following issue:
Whoops! Permission denied accessing /run/nordvpn/nordvpnd.sock, all you need to do is write the following command:

sudo usermod -aG nordvpn $USER # and then reboot your device.

After installing NordVPN Linux Client you might get the following message when you try to login “nordvpn login”:
Continue in the browser

server@server:~$ nordvpn login
Continue in the browser: https://zwyr157wwiu6eior.com/v1/users……

There is a simple solution:
nordvpn login –legacy

server@server:~$ nordvpn login –legacy
Please enter your login details.

or even:
nordvpn login –username username –password password

How to disable the automatic ZFS snapshots on Ubuntu 20.04 with ZFS

Disable user snapshots

systemctl --user stop zsys-user-savestate.timer
systemctl --user disable zsys-user-savestate.timer

Disable system snapshots

sudo mv /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/90_zsys_system_autosnapshot /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/90_zsys_system_autosnapshot.disabled

Re-enable user snapshots

systemctl --user start zsys-user-savestate.timer
systemctl --user enable zsys-user-savestate.timer

Re-enable system snapshots

sudo mv /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/90_zsys_system_autosnapshot.disabled /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/90_zsys_system_autosnapshot