How to install java 1.6.22 JRE on ubuntu

$ cd /opt
$ sudo mkdir java
$ cd java
$ sudo mkdir 32
$ sudo mv ~/Desktop/jre-6u22-linux-i586.bin /opt/java/32
$ sudo chmod 755 /opt/java/32/jre-6u22-linux-i586.bin
$ cd /opt/java/32
$ sudo ./jre-6u22-linux-i586.bin

Agree the license agreement

$ sudo update-alternatives --install "/usr/bin/java" "java" "/opt/java/32/jre1.6.0_22/bin/java" 1
$ sudo update-alternatives --set java /opt/java/32/jre1.6.0_22/bin/java

Install the Firefox plugin

$ mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins
$ sudo apt-get remove icedtea6-plugin
$ rm ~/.mozilla/plugins/
$ rm ~/.mozilla/plugins/
$ ln -s /opt/java/32/jre1.6.0_22/lib/i386/ ~/.mozilla/plugins/

[SOLVED] Could not install Google Earth on Linux

$ ./GoogleEarthLinux.bin
Verifying archive integrity… All good.
Uncompressing Google Earth for GNU/Linux…………………………………………………….. parser error : Document is empty
^ parser error : Start tag expected, ‘< ' not found ^ Couldn't load '' Solution: $ ./GoogleEarthLinux.bin --target /tmp/ge $ cd /tmp/ge/ $ mv setup.gtk setup.gtk2 $ cd /tmp/ge $ ./

How to set up ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOME on ubuntu

1. step Open the .profile hidden file which is located in /yourname/home/.profile

2. step add the following lines to end of the .profile file

export ORACLE_HOME=Oracle/app/<strong>yourname</strong>/product/11.1.0/db_1/bin
export ORACLE_SID=lnr

3. step save the changes , restart your computer

4. step you can check your environment variable

$ echo $ORACLE_SID

Path : Oracle/app/yourname/product/11.1.0/db_1/bin

UnsatisfiedLinkError exception loading native library: njni11

Installing Oracle 11g on Linux
[Oracle Net Services configuration failed.]

Error message:
UnsatisfiedLinkError exception loading native library: njni11

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: jniGetOracleHome
at Method)
at Source)
at Source)
Oracle Net Services configuration failed. The exit code is -1

sudo apt-get install build-essential libaio1 gawk ksh