Optimizing C++

This free ebook is for intermediate C++ programmers who want to improve the performance of the software they develop. This book contains guidelines and advices on how to write efficient software using the C++ language. Software correctness and maintainability are taken into account, but are not the primary concerns of the guidelines.
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Differences between c++11 vs c++14 standards

I thought I repost two worth reading summarizing article about c++11 and c++14 in my blog.
There is a nice article about the top 10 c++11 features written by Marius Bancila.
I actually quite agree with this article, so if you are interested you can take a look (codeproject.com/Articles/570638/Ten-Cplusplus-Features-Every-Cplusplus-Developer).
There is also a good article about some of the c++14 standards written by Mark Nelson, if you are interested you can take also look (drdobbs.com/cpp/the-c14-standard-what-you-need-to-know).
Finally, there is a c++14 Language Features list on the C++1y/C++14 Support in GCC link.

Bjarne Stroustrup announces C++ Core Guidelines

This morning in his opening keynote at CppCon, Bjarne Stroustrup announced the C++ Core Guidelines (github.com/isocpp/CppCoreGuidelines), the start of a new open source project on GitHub to build modern authoritative guidelines for writing C++ code.

The guidelines are designed to be modern, machine-enforceable wherever possible, and open to contributions and forking so that organizations can easily incorporate them into their own corporate coding guidelines.

Read more on the source site: [https://isocpp.org]

In addition you might find very useful to read Bjarne Stroustrup’s C++ Style and Technique FAQ [Updated Modified February 13, 2016]

C++ program to generate Fibonacci series

Here is my C++ program to generate Fibonacci series.
The Fibonacci sequence is a sequence Fn of natural numbers defined recursively.