RemoteOperationException: ERROR: Invalid username and/or password

For Host Credentials Setup – NOT connected to a Domain:
username = user_name
password = pass_word

For Host Credentials Setup – connected to a Domain:
username = domainuser_name
password = pass_word

For Database Credentials Setup:
username = database_user_name
password = database_user_password

For Enterprise Manager logon Screen prompt
username = sysman
password = sysman_password

For Database logon Screen prompt
username = sys (or any database_user_name)
password = sys_password (or any database_user_password)

Set the logon as batch job from local security policy
1. Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools.
2. Click on Local Security Policy.
3. Local Policies, User Rights Assignment.
4. Double click, ‘Log on as a batch job’